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Is there any jewelry workshop in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

If you want to repair your jewelry or create something unique according to your designs, you will find these contacts useful.

ювелирные мастерские северный кипр

Jewelry Workshops in Northern Cyprus

We are specifically referring to workshops where jewelers can repair your items and create something based on your designs. They also sell ready-made products.

Tash Jewellery & Gifts

The workshop owned by jeweler Mehmet Yaygin is located in the center of Girne, not far from Kyrenia Castle. He has received very positive reviews for his work on custom orders.

Senak Gold & Diamonds

Another master in Girne, also located in the city center near the mosque. This jeweler creates custom designs (including stone work) and engravings.

Jeweler in Iskele

A Russian-speaking master who works from home and provides a range of repair and jewelry services, such as polishing, laser welding, etc.

  • Whatsapp / Telegram: +79671306839
  • Phone: +905488640986

Jewelry Stores in Northern Cyprus

You can also have your jewelry repaired in some jewelry stores that sell ready-made items. We won't specify specific stores as there are many in Northern Cyprus, but we will guide you on how to find such places independently. Simply enter "kuyumcu" in Google Maps, and you will see a variety of selling points. For example, here is how the famous jewelry street in Girne looks on the map.

ювелирные магазины гирне на карте

Frequently Asked Questions about Jewelry Repair in Northern Cyprus

What services do jewelry workshops offer?

This largely depends on the specific workshop, but in general, the range of services includes chain and bracelet repairs, laser and contact welding, ring resizing, restoration of broken or lost elements, ultrasonic cleaning, polishing, stone setting, and stone fixing.

Where can I find clothing and shoe repair workshops?

There are plenty of such places, and we have special selections for your convenience:

Can duplicate keys be made in Northern Cyprus?

This question arises for almost everyone who rents an apartment or house with family or a large group, where keys are occasionally lost. Here is a list of places where duplicate keys can be made in Northern Cyprus.

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