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Where to repair shoes in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 2 weeks ago

We have already written about clothing repairs before, but now it's time to find out where to repair your shoes - often, it's an even more pressing question. This is because shoes are, firstly, more expensive, and secondly, many people spend a long time finding the perfect fit and are reluctant to part with them due to a minor defect.

ремонт обуви северный кипр

Shoe Repair in Northern Cyprus

Here are some places where you can have your shoes repaired in Northern Cyprus. The links in the names will direct you to their locations on the map.


  • Ali Usta - a legendary shoe repair shop in Kyrenia with a half-century history. It is located across from the gas station on Ecevit Street.
  • Göral Kundura - there are rumors that this shop might close, but there are relatively recent reviews, and taking a stroll down Ataturk Street towards the old market is always pleasant.


  • M. Hocaoğlu Kundura - near the Municipality of Alethriko, this is a very good shoe repair shop that works quickly and provides high-quality service.


  • Karaoglanoglu Ayakkabi - turn towards Karmi at the Cetin Balik fish restaurant and it will be on your right.


  • Mehmet Meta Shoes - very close to the Nicosia bus terminal.
  • Kerem Ayakkabi - located at the intersection of Gazeteci Hasan Tahsin and Ali Riza Efendi streets.


  • Famagusta Ayakkabi - not far from the market in the former bus terminal, next to the Senal Plastic store.

Frequently Asked Questions About Clothing Repairs in Northern Cyprus

Where can I have my clothes repaired?

Shoe repair shops are quite specialized establishments, but they can also perform some simple manipulations. In any case, we have a separate article about clothing repairs in Northern Cyprus.

How can I find helpers for household chores?

It is best to read a special article on this topic. And if you need cleaning services, you can find locations here.

For any household questions, you can also reach out to long-time residents of the island on the largest forum for Northern Cyprus on Telegram.

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