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Clothing Repair in Northern Cyprus

Updated: 2 weeks ago

Often it is easier to buy new clothes at LC Waikiki or a similar store, but sometimes there is an item in your wardrobe that holds sentimental value or is simply expensive. Fortunately, there are places in Northern Cyprus where you can get your clothes repaired.

Where to Get Clothing Repaired in Northern Cyprus?

Clothing repairs in Northern Cyprus are done by tailors, locally known as "Terzi" in Turkish. They can tailor clothes to your specifications or rehabilitate existing ones.

If the repair is simple, like hemming trousers, some dry cleaners can assist as well. In some cases, they even pass the clothes to the tailors themselves. We have gathered the points where clothes are accepted for repair and grouped them by cities for your convenience.

ремонт одежды северный кипр

Clothing Repair in Nicosia

Clothing Repair in Kyrenia

Clothing Repair in Famagusta

Clothing Repair in other cities

Frequently Asked Questions about Northern Cyprus

Where to buy household goods?

In Northern Cyprus, there are several stores that have departments with household goods, such as the previously mentioned LC Waikiki. There are also separate shops that sell only these types of products, for example, Mister Pound. You can read more about these stores in our review.

Where to buy flowers in Northern Cyprus?

For home decoration, you can purchase potted plants or a bouquet as a gift for a special occasion (or without any occasion). In any case, you can visit a florist, and we have written about them in this topic.

You can also reach out to someone from the Russian-speaking community on the largest Telegram forum in Northern Cyprus, in the "Services" section, here.

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