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Are there any animal shelters in North Cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

It so happened that in Northern Cyprus, mostly dogs live in animal shelters. Some shelters, for example, in Famagusta or Lefkosa, are called “Dog shelters”.

There are shelters in every major city in Northern Cyprus. If you want to help animals and take care of a pet, there is always such an opportunity. But then again, in most cases, dogs live in shelters. And cats in Northern Cyprus are simply taken on the streets. Unfortunately, despite the shelters, there are a lot of wild and homeless cats on the island. In addition, special services don't take animals under control, don't castrate them and don't vaccinate them. Therefore, street kittens can be found a lot. But don't forget to take a wild kitten to the veterinary clinic if you decide to take him home.

See the locations of the shelters on the map that we have specially prepared!

P.S. Be sure to call before visiting the shelter, the location of some shelters may change.

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