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Where to buy antiques in North Cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

Lovers of decorating their homes with antique household items will find it very interesting in Cyprus, as the island has encompassed several historical eras.

However, you will need to travel throughout the northern part of the island to find something worthwhile. We have found several spots for you.

Antique Shops in Northern Cyprus

антиквариат северный кипр


Despite being the capital, Nicosia only has a couple of antique shops. Especially after the closure of the fairly large Antiques Shop.

Antika Sur Nicosia

Not only a shop but also a small museum in the center of the old city. It is located halfway between the Venetian Column and Selimiye Mosque. As of September 2023, there is an update going on, but the shop is open, although with an unpredictable schedule.

Altinis kibris

If you are only interested in clocks in the world of antiquities, here you can buy these antique items, both wrist watches and wall clocks. There is also the possibility to repair your mechanical clocks.


Girne has better options when it comes to antique shops. There are several stores and a Saturday market similar to a flea market where you can find something interesting.

Antique shop

A medium-sized shop with English-speaking staff, located in Lapta, at the intersection of Kilic Aslan Alley and Ankara Street, almost opposite the school.

Diga Antik

A shop with a wide selection of small vintage items, also located on Ankara Street, but closer to Alsancak.

Masal Dünyası Antika Galerisi

A large gallery in Girne with items displayed even on the street. It has a lot of antique furniture, including large pieces.

Lambusa Market

On Saturdays during the first half of the day, you can find second-hand dealers here, as well as goods from some stores, such as the aforementioned Antique shop.


In this part of the island, there are no specific antique shops. However, in the center of Famagusta, near Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, antique items are sold right on the street.


There are options to find antique items online.

North Cyprus Antique Bazaar

A Facebook group where you can sell or buy antique items.

Telegram Channel "Барахолка Северный Кипр" (Flea Market Northern Cyprus)

Many things are sold on this platform, and you can search for vintage items or interior objects. You can also request to buy something specific that interests you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Old Items in Northern Cyprus

Where can I repair clothes?

Whether it's vintage or modern clothing, you can have them repaired at specialized tailors. We have compiled a list of such places on this page.

Where can I repair shoes?

Just like with clothing, you need to visit specialized repair shops. We found several in Northern Cyprus and share their locations in this article.

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