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Where to buy brand copies in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

On the island you can find copies or, as they are also called, replicas of things, watches, bags, and jewelry from well-known brands. They are all of very different quality.

In general, the East values ​​brands. In many Arab countries, for example, it is customary to emphasize one's status with high-quality expensive items, and wearing copies is considered a mediocre activity. In Northern Cyprus, things are a little different - all the shops, and especially the markets are flooded with replicas from the latest collections of the most expensive brands. And if there are copies, it means there is demand. Expats who have been living here for quite some time claim that in Northern Cyprus, the replicas are made in such a way that you can't even tell them apart from the genuine branded items. If it's bags - they are made of leather, even a certificate is issued for them, and a serial number of an existing bag is even stamped on them. As a result, the fake looks so good that you might wonder: maybe this is the original?

Places to buy brand replicas

реплики брендов северный кипр

In general, you can confidently go to Northern Cyprus for high-quality replicas. Chanel, LV, D&G, and other replicas look like they are from a French or Italian boutique. Only you will know that they are replicas.

So, here are the places to buy pseudo-brands:

Any market or small shop, China Bazaar. The copies will be cheap, and their quality is usually poor, but the price tag will be around $20-30.


Stores in "Caesar Resort." Don't be fooled if the items look good and are expensive. They are still replicas. There is also a shop called "Fashionista" in Iskele - recommended.


Stores in the old town. Look for replicas made of leather that are of good quality. Strangely, sometimes they can be more expensive than the originals.


On Deribayu Street, you can find replicas of varying quality. Good ones can be found.


The old town has good quality replicas, made of leather, but sometimes without serial numbers.

Life hack: you absolutely cannot use a dryer if you have washed your beautiful replica - there is a high probability that it will shrink by several sizes. And don't forget that bringing replicas into countries like France and Italy will result in a fine.

Frequently Asked Questions about brand replicas in Northern Cyprus

What are the approximate prices for the products?

If we're talking about bags and wallets, non-leather bags cost around 700 lira, while wallets cost 350 lira. Leather replicas are more expensive, those with serial numbers even more so, ranging from 750 lira to about 3000 lira, but it's worth bargaining. By the way, modest brands like Converse are sold here in very good condition, and they are hard to distinguish from the originals.

Where can I buy an electric guitar?

Girne is considered the music capital of the northern part of the island. Therefore, it is best to look for musical instruments there. We published the location on this page.

Where can I buy antiques?

Antique lovers will find it very interesting to furnish their homes with vintage household items in Cyprus, as the island has seen several historical eras. We have found several points for you and published them separately.

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