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Where to go horse riding in North Cyprus?

Updated: 4 weeks ago

Cyprus can offer several equestrian clubs to horse riding enthusiasts, where you can practice your skills in handling these graceful animals and take rides in the most picturesque places on the island.

All equestrian clubs in the northern part of Cyprus are affiliated with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Equestrian Sports Federation, and information about their activities can be found on their Facebook page.

Equestrian Clubs in Northern Cyprus

We present a list of equestrian sports clubs in Northern Cyprus. We do not provide a breakdown by cities since most of them are located outside major populated areas. Locations can be found through the links provided next to each club's name.


Royal Riding Club

Frend Atli Spor Kulubu

Fezay Atlı Spor Kulubü

Çelebi Atlı Spor Kulubü

Rüzgar Atlı Spor Kulübü

Kıbrıs Atlı Spor Kulübü

Terzioğlu Atlı Spor Kulübü

Beşok At Çifliği

Yusuf Farm

The Ranch

Frequently Asked Questions about Sports in Northern Cyprus

Is it necessary to make an appointment to visit the club?

Yes, it is definitely worth calling the provided phone numbers, at least to confirm their working hours. Clubs often have a very flexible schedule.

What other activities are there in Northern Cyprus?

You can try karting if you like speed. If you need physical exercise, there are places where you can play tennis. And if you are interested in an adrenaline rush, welcome to paragliding.

Among other things, the Northern Cyprus Telegram forum has a section called "Sports", where you can find both options for active leisure and company.

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