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Karmi: British village in Northern Cyprus

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North Cyprus is a place of incredible cultural wealth and historical landmarks, and one of its local gems is the village of Karmi. Located in the northeast of the island, near Kyrenia, this village impresses with its authenticity, unique atmosphere, and rich history.

карми северный кипр

History of Karmi Village

Karmi is one of the oldest villages in Northern Cyprus, rich in a history spanning several centuries. Its narrow streets, stone houses, and traditional structures reflect the architectural style of the past, transporting visitors back in time.

As a result of archaeological excavations conducted in the vicinity of Karmi, several Middle Bronze Age tombs were discovered, including pots from the Cretan-Minoan civilization. It is speculated that these may be the tombs of sailors who set sail from Lapithos.

In a later period, during the rule of the Lusignans and the Crusaders, a Carmelite monastery was located in the area of the present-day village. The monastery supplied agricultural products to the nearby Saint Hilarion Castle, hence the name.

After the events of 1974, the village was abandoned by its inhabitants, but both the local authorities and the remaining British residents restored and aesthetically unified the village houses, even restricting their location and roof height.

Landmarks of Karmi

It can be said that the village itself is a continuous landmark. Picturesque winding streets, white houses with names instead of numbers, and fantastic views both from the top, such as Saint Hilarion Castle, and from the bottom, overlooking Kyrenia and the Mediterranean Sea.

The dominant feature is the medieval church, visually beautiful and photogenic, but not a religious structure in the modern sense: it is simply the center of community life, open only until noon. Music evenings are held here during the Christmas holidays, and organizers usually announce them in advance.
By the way, the main and practically only free parking lot is located near the church. Additionally, there is a free restroom in this square.

Another notable place for history enthusiasts is the ancient necropolis located near the village. It is there that Bronze Age tombs and their contents were found, confirming the connection of the settlement with Ancient Egypt.

карми северный кипр

The village of Karmi in Northern Cyprus is not just a place where British heritage has been preserved; it is a time oasis that allows you to immerse yourself in the colonial era. From architecture to cultural traditions, every element of this village reminds us of how the past continues to live in the present. By visiting Karmi, you will be transported back to the times of the British era and discover a unique combination of history and authenticity in Northern Cyprus.

Frequently Asked Questions about Karmi Village

Why is Karmi Village called British?

The village has long been predominantly inhabited by British immigrants, known as British Cypriots, who make up the third-largest diaspora on the island. Many chose to stay here after Cyprus gained independence from the British Crown. This is evident in the establishments that exist today, and even the famous red phone booth, one of the symbols of Great Britain.
Despite the passage of time, Karmi seems frozen in the colonial past. Every street and every house here is imbued with an atmosphere of old English style, which has been rooted in this village since the days of British rule.

Where to eat and drink in Karmi?

In the village, there are two pubs, naturally with a British accent. The more international Spot and the very English-style family pub, Crown's Nest, with ale and live football matches. There is also a decent restaurant - Treasure, located slightly off the main routes but within walking distance.

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