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All of us know Turkish cuisine with world-famous generosity called “all-inclusive”, as well as Turkish kebab, tea, and, of course, Turkish coffee. But in Northern Cyprus, there are many more gastronomic delights and traditions than on the mainland, and the cuisine is more varied and interesting. Firstly, Cyprus is still an island, so the cult of deliciously cooked fresh fish and other seafood as an analog of Greek meze is something you should try. In second place are Turkish Cypriot meat dishes with lavash and ayran, the portions are so huge that it's simply impossible to eat them. There are also delicious restaurants of European cuisine - apparently, the remnants of British influence. You can also add cold coffee on the seashore, fresh fruits, and salads to the interesting things - everything that we love and appreciate the Mediterranean for.


Settlers who have been living in Cyprus for many years helped to compile a list of the best, most delicious, and original restaurants. Top establishments from

The restaurant "Saint Tropez" is in the lead. Gorgeous interior, and impeccable French cuisine. Connoisseurs recommend trying pancakes in brandy and orange juice. The price tag for Northern Cyprus is high.

"Shell Wi". The freshest fish and seafood. Exquisite dishes, and a large selection of hot and cold snacks. Beautiful interior. The price tag is high.

"Barduck". Gastropub. Russian cuisine in Northern Cyprus is here. It is a modest place where they cook delicious borscht, Russian olive, and hodgepodge. The service staff speaks English and Russian.

"Mozzarella". Tasty, hospitable, and very Turkish. Kebabs, pizza, and firin with hilim cheese are some of the best in Girne.

By cities.


  1. The House
  2. Basilic
  3. Cafe George
  4. Rabinez
  5. Ezic
  6. Azra Clairs
  7. Wickets Kitchen
  8. Uncle Sam
  9. SOVA
  10. Nima Restaurant & Lounge Bar
  11. Mano – good Asian food
  12. Mensure's Coffee & Chocolate – for the best coffee and delicious chocolate desserts


  1. Courtyard Restaurant
  2. Luca
  3. Petek
  4. Caleo – for the best burger, without a cutlet. With a steak, but this doesn't spoil it
  5. Lush Beach - for Ribeye Steak and good cocktails


  1. Aspava
  2. Beckett Restaurant – for beef stroganoff
  3. The Palm House - beautiful interior and cozy terrace overlooking the sea


Lush - excellent cocktails, cuisine, beautiful and pleasant service.

Also, visiting tourists highly recommend hospitable, beautiful, delicious cafes at the “Les Ambassadeurs Hotel Casino & Marina”.

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