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A new minimum wage has been established in Northern Cyprus

21.05.2024 / 08:43

The Commission for Determining the Minimum Wage in the TRNC has voted to set a new minimum wage in Northern Cyprus, with a majority decision. This new rate represents a 23.5% increase. Effective from May 1, 2024, the minimum wage in the TRNC stands at 29,640 Turkish lira (or 34,070 Turkish lira before tax deductions).

Negotiations for the second minimum wage increase this year between employers, employees, and the government faced challenges and required three attempts for consensus. Initially scheduled for 9:00 yesterday, the third commission meeting was ultimately postponed and commenced at 18:00, lasting nearly three hours.

Ultimately, the second minimum wage of 2024 was set at 29,640 Turkish lira by majority vote (or 34,070 Turkish lira before tax deduction). This equates to 7,862.30 Turkish lira per week, 1,572.46 Turkish lira per day, or 196.55 lira per hour.

Government and worker representatives reached a consensus on this decision, while employers voted against the increase, citing their exemption from blame for the country's inflation.

Following the meeting, Sadiq Gardianoglu, the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the TRNC, expressed gratitude to worker and employer representatives for their contributions. He expressed hope that the new minimum wage, effective May 1, 2024, would prove beneficial to all.

It's noteworthy that the previous minimum wage in Northern Cyprus, established in early January 2024, was 24,000 Turkish lira for private sector employees and 34,430 Turkish lira for civil servants.

Additional information about the history of minimum wage changes in Northern Cyprus can be found here.

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