Cyprus, Nicosia

Private schools in North Cyprus

Updated: 3 months ago

Private schools on the island are usually part of a university or college. Education is conducted with the expectation that in the future the children will enter a particular educational institution.

Since Northern Cyprus had close cultural ties with Britain, many private schools teach according to the British system in English. In most cases, teachers are native speakers.

Here are some popular private schools in Northern Cyprus, after which, as a rule, students immediately enter prestigious universities.

  • "The English School", Girne. Children begin learning at the age of 3. Core subjects are taught in English. The school issues international certificates.
  • "The American College Girne", Girne. The education system here is built like the American one. Opportunities for admission to the American University in Girne are open for students.
  • "The Necat British College" is open to children from 2 years old. Children have a rare opportunity to study according to the Montessori system. In primary school, children follow the English International Curriculum. At Necat Secondary School, students take the International Certificate of Secondary Education and Cambridge International Examinations.


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