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Cost of tuition in private schools for 2023-2024

Updated: 4 months ago

How much does tuition cost in private schools in Northern Cyprus for 2023-2024?

Most private schools in the TRNC have decided on tuition and fees for 2023-2024.

The lowest price you need to pay for a child attending primary school is 77 thousand Turkish lira just for tuition fees at the American University in Girne, and the highest figure is the English School of Kyrenia, with 5,520 pounds sterling, i.e. 136 thousand Turkish lira.

For secondary and high school, the lowest figure is 92 thousand Turkish lira, and the highest is up to 215 thousand Turkish lira.

The American Primary School-College of Girne, the Middle East Primary School-College, the British College Nekat, and the English School of Kyrenia have already decided on the cost of education. Levent Kinder garten, Levent College, and TED Northern Cyprus College have not yet announced their new prices.

According to experts, the depreciation of the Turkish lira against foreign currencies has led to a sharp increase in tuition fees in private schools

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