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How to order from Aliexpress?

Updated: 4 months ago

Due to the special status of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the delivery of goods through the popular marketplace Aliexpress has several nuances.

Fortunately, ordering products from China is still possible; we'll explain how.

Ordering through Aliexpress to Northern Cyprus

  • You need to specify the address in a certain way.
  • The product can only be delivered to the customs point.
  • You may have to pay customs duties.
  • The delivery time is significantly longer than in other countries.

доставка алиэкспресс северный кипр

Address Specification Instructions

The traffic of goods to Northern Cyprus goes through Turkey, so when purchasing on Aliexpress, you need to specify your address in a specific way. It will look like this:

Turkey, Mersin 10, city code (for example, 99300), KKTC + city + your address + complex name.

So, when selecting the country, you first need to specify Turkey, the city - Mersin, and when entering the address details, also include Mersin 10 in the prefix.

Home Delivery

In most cases, the product will not be delivered to your home address. You will most likely have to pick it up at the customs point in Girne or Lefkoşa. An exact address is needed to receive a postal notification that the package is waiting for you at the customs. However, you will likely be informed about the arrival of the package by phone, so it is very important to provide a local phone number so that postal department employees can contact you.

Payment of Customs Duties for Aliexpress Products

You will have to pay duties on new equipment arriving from abroad to Northern Cyprus. The exact amount will be communicated to you at customs, and packages will be opened in your presence to calculate the final cost.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aliexpress Delivery to Northern Cyprus

Can products be delivered directly to the address?

Some products that are not subject to customs duties can be delivered to the address, but for various electronic equipment, you will typically have to go to Girne and pay customs duties. So, home delivery is more of an exception. Moreover, it is claimed that even inexpensive items worth a few dollars can be subject to customs duties exceeding their value, so be prepared for such a turn of events.

Where to find your postal code?

We have a special table where we have collected all postal codes of cities in Northern Cyprus - use it yourself and share it with friends.

In the largest Telegram forum of Northern Cyprus, there is a section where users can deliver small packages, letters, or documents for a fee or free of charge. This may be useful for you.

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