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Are there Christian churches in NC?

Updated: 2 months ago

Even though the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is considered a Muslim country, there are also Christian churches here.

There are only a few active churches, but due to their rich history, there are some very interesting inactive structures. We have highlighted those where services are held or where something interesting is located inside. In addition to the listed churches, numerous empty churches in Northern Cyprus are, however, very beautiful externally.

Churches of Northern Cyprus

Церковь св. Териссоса

St. Therissos Church

St. Andrew's Anglican Church in Girne

An active Anglican church with a congregation. They not only hold services but also offer wedding ceremonies and even publish their own magazine.

Russian Orthodox Church in Arapköy Village

Officially named the parish of St. Spyridon Trimythous, it belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. It is only open on weekends: Saturday from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, and Sunday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Archangel Michael Church in Girne

Although not functioning as a church, it houses an icon museum inside. It is open from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

St. Mamas Church in Güzelyurt

Also an inactive church, but inside, there are many ancient icons randomly arranged as if in a warehouse. To enter, you need to buy a ticket at the nearby museum and, after viewing the exhibition, ask the attendant to take you to the church.

St. George Maronite Church in Kormakitis

A quite large structure for the rarely visited peninsula and small village. Services are conducted by the local priest during religious holidays, and the church is closed at other times.

Translated text:

St. Fanourios Church

A small church is located near a cave. The actual icons and candles are placed inside the cave, as the church itself is closed.

St. Therissos Church

A church dedicated to Bishop Karpasius, located right by the road along the northern coast on the way to Cape Karpas. There is no one inside, but the candles are lit, and there are icons.

Panagia Pergaminiotissa Church

A small church is located next to the "Mini Cyprus" park. Entrance is through tickets to this park, and the caretaker will open the door separately. Inside, there is an exhibition on the theme of Cyprus' wildlife.

Apostle Andrew Monastery in Karpas

The most important Christian sanctuary in Northern Cyprus, where many pilgrims from different countries come. According to tradition, Apostle Andrew visited this place in the 1st century, and after his prayer, a spring gushed out of the rock, which still attracts believers today.

Церковь Панагия Пергаминиотисса

Panagia Pergaminiotissa Church

Frequently Asked Questions about Christian Churches in Northern Cyprus

Is there a dress code to follow?

If the church is not officially active, it is not mandatory, and even people in shorts and T-shirts are not expelled from St. Andrew's Monastery. However, we recommend keeping in mind the saying about the monastery and its rules and respecting traditions.

How can I visit Christian churches in Northern Cyprus?

Some can only be reached by car, the locations are indicated in the description. It is easy to come to the church in Kyrenia by bus. And you can even arrange a tour of St. Andrew's Monastery.

If you need to arrange a tour of the churches in Northern Cyprus, the most optimal option would be to book a transfer to the places of your interest with a Russian-speaking driver. Such offers are often found in the Telegram forum "Taxi in Northern Cyprus."

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