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Marriage Registration and Weddings in Northern Cyprus

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Information for those looking to tie the knot in Northern Cyprus.

Оформление брака и свадьба на Северном Кипре

General Information on Marriage for Foreigners in TRNC

Only foreigners residing in the country with a residence permit, work visa, or student visa—not on a tourist visa—are eligible to marry in Northern Cyprus.

In this case, marriage registration is not conducted by a marriage officer but by the district governor of the place of residence. To proceed, an application must be submitted to the governor's office along with the necessary documentation.

Documents Required for Marriage in Northern Cyprus

  • Application addressed to the governor
  • Valid passports and their copies
  • Birth certificates from your country (originals and translations into Turkish)
  • Certificates of non-marriage from your country (originals and translations into Turkish)
  • In case of divorce, a divorce certificate (originals and translations into Turkish) is required
  • Residence documents (available from the muhtar)
  • Proof of legal residence in the country (residence permit, work visa, or student visa)

Frequently Asked Questions About Marriage in Northern Cyprus

Where will this marriage be legally recognized?

This marriage will be legally valid only in Northern Cyprus. To ensure its legality in your home country, you may need to marry again on its territory or legalize the marriage at a diplomatic representation.

How can I obtain a marriage certificate from my country?

This depends on whether your country has a representation in Northern Cyprus.

Citizens of the Russian Federation can contact the consulate in the northern part of Nicosia. Read our article on how to obtain a Russian marriage certificate in Northern Cyprus.

Citizens of Ukraine can contact the Consulate of their country in the southern part of the island—fortunately, they can easily cross the border between TRNC and the Republic of Cyprus. Here's how to contact the Ukrainian Consulate. However, it's necessary to confirm whether marriage documents will be accepted in TRNC.

Citizens of Belarus cannot even travel to the south of the island, as there are no consular offices of the Republic of Belarus there. Theoretically, you can go to Istanbul or Ankara, but whether they will issue marriage documents in Northern Cyprus needs to be confirmed by phone.

Interestingly, citizens of Germany don't even have to go to the south—there is a branch of the consulate of the country on the territory of TRNC in the northern part of Nicosia at Mehmet Akif Cad. 29, Lefkoşa-Köşklüçiftlik. Phone: +903922275161.

How can I organize a wedding in Northern Cyprus?

It's best to have a joyful ceremony in a beautiful location without being distracted by paperwork. Our partners at the legal company DeJure can assist with the paperwork. Contact information is provided below the text.

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