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Are there EMS workouts in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 3 weeks ago
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Recently, EMS workouts have been gaining popularity all over the world. Northern Cyprus is no exception.

EMS-тренировки на Северном Кипре

Principle of EMS

EMS workouts use electronic equipment to stimulate muscles with low-frequency electrical impulses. This method is claimed to strengthen the body more efficiently by activating multiple muscle groups simultaneously and reducing workout time.

During the workout, you wear a vest that delivers micro-impulses while you perform various static and dynamic exercises. The impulses engage all muscle groups simultaneously, increasing the intensity and effectiveness of the workout. EMS training includes a variety of exercises such as squats, lunges, push-ups, and planks, all enhanced by electrical impulses.

Advantages of EMS Compared to Traditional Fitness

One of the main advantages is the ability to train anywhere: at home, in the office, or outdoors. Just 20 minutes of EMS training is equivalent to a full workout in the gym, making this method ideal for busy people.

EMS workouts are conducted personally with a certified trainer without any outsiders. A personalized plan is created for you.

The workout does not stress the joints, heart, or spine. It is suitable for rehabilitation after injuries and helps recover faster after exertion.

EMS training boosts metabolism, targets problem areas, eliminates cellulite, firms, and tightens the skin.

With EMS workouts, you can achieve visible results in just 20 minutes thanks to the electrical impulses that activate all muscle groups simultaneously. In the gym, you train each muscle group sequentially, but with EMS, the whole body works at once.

EMS workouts are convenient as they do not require attachment to a specific place. You can train anywhere and anytime.

EMS-тренировки на Северном Кипре

EMS: Myths and Reality

Myth 1: EMS Causes Pain

Reality: Electrical impulses feel like intense muscle work but do not cause pain.

Myth 2: EMS is Unsafe

Reality: Under the supervision of a trainer, EMS is absolutely safe and suitable for most people.

Myth 3: EMS Replaces All Other Workouts

Reality: EMS is a great addition to workouts, but variety is always beneficial.

Myth 4: EMS Does Not Help with Weight Loss

Reality: EMS speeds up metabolism and helps burn fat, especially when combined with a proper diet.

Myth 5: EMS is Only for Professionals

Reality: EMS is suitable for all fitness levels, from beginners to professionals.

Recipe for an Effective EMS Workout

An EMS workout consists of a warm-up, a main block, and recovery or massage. During the main block, the trainee performs basic movements — push-ups, squats, bends, lunges, and other elements.

Tips for Preparing for an EMS Workout:

  • Drink enough water a few hours before the workout
  • Have a light snack 1-2 hours before the workout to avoid training on an empty stomach
  • Wear comfortable sportswear that absorbs sweat well
  • Do a light warm-up before the EMS workout to prepare the muscles
  • Inform the trainer about any medical issues or injuries
  • Approach the workout with a positive attitude and readiness for intense work

Where to Find EMS Workouts in Northern Cyprus?

At the specialized sports center Justfit EMS. You can train at your location or in the club's gym. If you live in Girne, the trainer will come to any place of your choice: park, beach, your home, or even office. You can also train at the UltimateSportsClub gym.


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