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Football in Northern Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago

Sport, of course, is number one in Northern Cyprus. However, due to the specific status of the state, there are several nuances.

Football Tournaments in Northern Cyprus

The main tournament is the Championship of Northern Cyprus. There are three divisions, which is quite a lot for a small country. There is also a youth championship, a women's league, and the Northern Cyprus Football Cup.

International Restrictions

Due to isolation and lack of international recognition, local football does not extend beyond Northern Cyprus. Except for very exceptional cases, such as in 2019, when a match was held in the buffer zone between teams from the northern and southern parts of Cyprus.

Since FIFA does not recognize Northern Cyprus, local clubs cannot play friendly matches even with clubs from Turkey, let alone European countries. This could result in several years of suspension from European tournaments by football authorities.

There is also the Northern Cyprus national team, but for the same reasons, it can only play against national teams of unrecognized states.

Clubs and Stadiums





  • Gençler Birliği -



Frequently Asked Questions about Sports in Northern Cyprus

How to buy a ticket for the stadium?

On the day of the match, you can simply come to the stadium and purchase a ticket – there is usually no rush. The stadium locations are provided in the links above.

Can I become a sponsor of a football club in Northern Cyprus?

Unfortunately, the government of the country does not pay sufficient attention to the development of football in Northern Cyprus, so most teams rely on sponsorship. For example, the legal company De Jure and the project Cyprus-FAQ have sponsored the football team DTSK from Famagusta, providing the players with sports uniforms.

What other entertainment options are there in Northern Cyprus?

There are numerous festivals taking place in the northern part of the island, such as the Olive Festival. To stay informed about them in advance, subscribe to our news channel.

If you not only love football but also want to play it, we can recommend the sports forum on Telegram – there, people who are willing to play gather regularly. You can also find football coaches working with children of different ages on this forum.

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