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How to properly export an animal from the TRNC territory?

Updated: 2 months ago

You need to contact the state veterinary service office in your district (Veteriner Dairesi) with the animal 3 days before the expected departure date. The trigger word for a vet with poor English is "export".

At the clinic, you will be given a permit to cross the border. The document will be valid for 5 days. The cost is 80 lira.

What documents are needed to obtain a permit to export an animal:

  • Pet passport;
  • Certificate of rabies titer;
  • It is recommended to have an import permit to the TRNC, obtained earlier.

The certificate will need to be presented at the airport check-in desk. The airline employee, together with the vet, will check everything and arrange for the animal's transportation.

Locations of state veterinary clinics:


KKTC Veteriner Dairesi
+90 392 225 35 51

Girne (entrance from the back, there is parking in the yard)

Girne Veteriner Dairesi


İskele Veteriner Dairesi (The building is next to a gas station, the sign is visible)


Veteriner Dairesi Lefkoşa Müdürlüğü


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