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Catering in Northern Cyprus: the perfect solution for your event

Updated: 3 months ago

The Cyprus-FAQ project is always on the lookout for new and interesting projects on the island, and today we are pleased to introduce one of them - the catering company "Food Box Kibris" (@food_box_kibris on Instagram).

What sets catering apart from regular food delivery?

Catering is, above all, a high-class service where an experienced team prepares and provides dishes for your event, be it a wedding, corporate event, or birthday.

The main advantage of "Food Box Kibris" is the ability to create dishes of any complexity according to your request. Despite the presence of a standard menu, you can always suggest your unique ideas, and the team will gladly create an exclusive menu for you. Please note that for optimal preparation, the positions need to be agreed upon three days before the celebration.

The presentation of dishes is another highlight of catering. The "Food Box Kibris" team cares not only about the taste of the dishes but also about their elegant presentation to truly impress your guests.

Catering is not only delicious food but also caring for your comfort. Trust the professionals to create a memorable culinary experience at your event!

You can contact the first catering company in Northern Cyprus viaInstagram @food_box_kibris or by phone at +90 533 855 37 22.

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