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Who can provide legal services in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 3 months ago

Until recently, many legal services could be provided by both licensed and registered lawyers, as well as law firms without a lawyer's license. However, a law prohibiting the conduct of many legal procedures by individuals without a lawyer's license came into effect in November 2023.

юридические услуги северный кипр

Legal services requiring a lawyer's license:

  • drafting wills;
  • preparing powers of attorney, acts, and all types of written agreements;
  • preparing articles of incorporation and bylaws for companies, foundations, and associations;
  • preparing all types of documents required for the registration of trademarks, trade names, patents, copyrights, intellectual and artistic rights;
  • representing the interests of any individual or legal entity in arbitration, arbitration courts, mediation, disciplinary, and similar commissions or boards.

Frequently Asked Questions About Legal Matters in Northern Cyprus

Can lawyers without a lawyer's license provide consultations?

Yes, they can, but not within the framework of the aforementioned list of legal procedures. Providing legal, advisory, and research services on these matters falls within the field of lawyers' activities.

Where else can I seek assistance on these matters besides lawyers?

You can also seek assistance in the specified areas of service not only from lawyers with the appropriate license but also from legal companies that have a lawyer with a license to practice law in Northern Cyprus as one of their founders, for example, DeJure.

What are the consequences for those who violate the new law?

Providing legal services in the specified areas by individuals who are not registered and licensed lawyers will be considered a crime. The measures of responsibility are being worked out.

Are documents prepared by non-lawyers legitimate?

According to the approved scope of questions, services provided without the corresponding license will not have legal force starting from November 1, 2023.

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