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How to transport a pet to Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 13 hours ago

This is an extremely important topic for anyone planning to bring their favorite pets to Northern Cyprus. Here is a brief guide to this difficult process:

1) Before buying tickets, keep in mind that it takes an average of two months to process all the required documents.

2) First, obtain an international veterinary passport. This should contain the following information:

  • Chip number and date of chipping
  • All required vaccinations depending on the age of the animal.
  • It is also important that the pet has been vaccinated against rabies (the vaccination must have been given at least one month from the date of vaccination. If the vaccine expires in two months or has already expired, you should make a new vaccination).

3) You must pass an antibody titer test for rabies virus at least one month after the rabies vaccination and no later than two months before the expiration date. List of laboratories.

4) You must bring the test results, the veterinary passport, and the animal to the municipal veterinary clinic for the final examination, where you will receive the F1 form. This form is only valid for 5 days, so plan to get it 2-3 days before departure!

5) Photocopies of documents (passport, test results) and a completed application from the TRNC Veterinary Services website, which you will send to [email protected] to obtain an animal import license (if you are transporting two animals, indicate both in one application). The license will be mailed to you (it usually arrives within 24 hours).

6) At the airport, you will need to change from form F1 to international form F5 (after you pass the veterinary control).
7) Upon arrival in the Turkish Republic of Congo, you will be asked to present the import license (print it out or save a photo on your device) and pay a fee of 250 TL per animal. You must pay in Turkish Lira in cash.

We wish you a safe flight with your beloved pets!


  1. book pets on the plane in advance - seats are limited.
  2. most likely your flight will be a transit flight, and if the Turkish Airlines - book seats in the baggage compartment, and do not worry about the animals. This airline treats pets with the utmost care.
  3. Only one hard shell or cage is allowed in the baggage area, and only one soft carry is allowed in the cabin. Animals in cages also have weight restrictions (check with your air carrier ). Animals in cages also have weight restrictions (check with your air carrier ).
  4. Be sure to treat your pet against fleas, ticks, and parasites before departure.
  5. Finally, and this is very important! If you have already purchased your tickets and do not have time to gather all the necessary documentation, do not despair! Some organizations can help you!


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