Cyprus, Nicosia

Beyaz kimlik

Discover Northern Cyprus!

Northern Cyprus is a unique place where everyone can find something interesting for themselves. Here you will find:

  • Affordable holidays
  • Rich culture
  • Profitable investment programs
  • Business opportunities
  • Quality education in international universities
  • Highly liquid real estate
  • Everything for a comfortable life

Residence Permit in Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is a popular place for obtaining a residence permit for various purposes:

  • Property purchase;
  • Business opening;
  • Higher education;
  • Participation in treatment programs;
  • Employment.

Beyaz kimlik is a type of residence permit, the so-called "white passport". It is issued once for 5 years.

Conditions for obtaining Beyaz Kimlik:

  • Continuous work or business visa for 6 years
  • Own or rented housing suitable for living
  • Absence of dangerous infectious diseases in a medical certificate from a state hospital. These include: tuberculosis, hepatitis B and C, AIDS, etc.
  • Certificate of no criminal record. However, convictions related to traffic violations do not affect the receipt of the "white" passport.

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  • Go through registration without errors, queues, and long waiting
  • Accompany medical and state institutions without long queues

With us, оформление Beyaz Kimlik will become simple and fast!

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