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Debt receipt

Debt receipt: a guarantee of security of your financial transactions

Why do I need a debenture?

Planning to borrow or lend money? Get a promissory note! It is a simple but effective tool that will provide legal protection for both parties to the transaction.

In what cases is a promissory note used?

  • Loans between private individuals (For example, to prevent misunderstandings between friends or family members who are dealing with financial issues).
  • Loans between legal entities (Companies enter into financial transactions with partners or suppliers and use promissory notes to establish clear obligations and repayment terms).
  • Real estate transactions (When buying a property or taking out a mortgage, a promissory note can be used as a document confirming the fact of a loan for the purchase of a home. This protects the rights of both parties)
  • Banking transactions (Banks may require a promissory note as additional security when granting credit or loans to customers).

Advantages of a promissory note:

  • Fixing the terms of the loan (amount, term, interest)
  • Protection of the rights of both parties
  • Can be used in court

Debt Receipt in North Cyprus:

Debt receipts in North Cyprus are legally valid if executed following the requirements of the law. Our lawyers will help you to draw up a document that complies with all legal requirements.

The security of your financial transactions is our concern!

Our lawyers:

  • Advise you on how to draft a promissory note
  • Help you to draw up a document that complies with the requirements of the law
  • Assist in case of disputes
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