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Advice on moving to Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus: Your Chance for a New Life

Northern Cyprus is a sunny, atmospheric country with a rich culture, affordable real estate and services. Here everyone can find comfortable housing, promising work, and become an entrepreneur.

Unlike the southern part of the island, there is no overpopulation in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, so the calm atmosphere is ideal for those who are tired of noisy cities.

The country's policy is aimed at developing businesses and attracting investors. Real estate here is 40% cheaper than in the south. There are fewer cars than in megacities, so you will always breathe clean air and live in a clean environment.

You can move to Northern Cyprus:

  • By marrying a Cypriot.
  • By opening your own business.
  • By purchasing real estate.
  • Through employment.
  • By studying at a university in the TRNC.

To go to the island for work or study, the appropriate permits are required from the employer or educational institution. The employer obtains permission to employ a foreigner from the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance and the North Cyprus Migration Service.

To move to the island by purchasing a property, it is necessary to have a contract of sale or a title deed in the name of the owner.

Business in North Cyprus is a promising investment for anyone who dreams of living here and obtaining a residence permit. The TRNC policy is aimed at supporting international entrepreneurs, which allows opening a business at an affordable price and with favorable taxes.

The rate of refusal to obtain a residence permit in Northern Cyprus is very low.

But in any case, migration to the island requires careful planning and adaptation. There are quite a lot of nuances in applying for a residence permit, which must be taken into account in the process of preparation, collection, and submission of documents.

Our experts are perfectly aware of all the intricacies of moving to Northern Cyprus. This is not only deep knowledge in the legal sphere, but also practical experience: our experts have been living on the island for more than 15 years.

Write to us and we will:

  • We will consult you on the issues of moving to Northern Cyprus, taking into account your capabilities and wishes.
  • We will control the оформление process to exclude errors that affect the speed of obtaining a residence permit.
  • We will help you with the purchase of real estate and the opening of a promising business.
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