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Legalisation of inheritance and probate

The arrangement of inheritance and wills is a necessary process in everyone's life. Many mistakenly think that this is done by those who are already terminally ill, are of advanced age, and associate this issue with something very bad. But this is an important document that will help avoid legal disputes and disputes among relatives in the future.

Inheritance in Northern Cyprus

The inheritance of movable and immovable property in the territory of Northern Cyprus is carried out without taking into account the legal norms of other countries. If you are a citizen of another country - you need to follow the inheritance procedure according to the laws of the TRNC.

Ways of inheritance

In Northern Cyprus, there are two ways to inherit by will or by law.


If you have real estate, a car, or a business - we advise you to contact a notary to include them in the will, which is drawn up in writing and certified by an authorized legal person.

Advantages of a will

This will speed up the process of inheritance transition. For example, a man's mother died. Her apartment in Northern Cyprus was not included in the will. In such cases, real estate automatically passes to children or close relatives. But without a will, this process becomes incredibly protracted and problematic. There may even be repeated court proceedings.

Consultation of experts

To correctly and legally draw up a will, and understand the processes of inheritance of property, we advise you to contact our experts. We will consult you on the legal aspects of controversial issues of drawing up a will.

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