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Kindergarten registration

Kindergartens in Northern Cyprus

Kindergartens in Northern Cyprus meet European standards. Local preschool institutions provide all the conditions for a pleasant and calm adaptation of the child in kindergarten.

Children are accepted into the nursery from the age of six months to two years. Children are in an international environment where they are taught English and Turkish from an early age. You can also find Russian-speaking kindergartens. The period from 2 to 4 years is considered the main one in preschool education: educators develop language skills, and basic knowledge in elementary mathematics, music, and drawing in children. And from the age of 5, there is active preparation for school. At this age, the child can be left in the preparatory group of the kindergarten or transferred to the zero grade of the school.

Types of kindergartens:

  • Private kindergartens: accept children from 6 months.
  • State kindergartens: accept children from 4-5 years old (free, but difficult to get into).

Our services:

  • Selection of a preschool institution.
  • Paperwork for kindergarten.

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