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Buying property in North Cyprus

Buying Property in Northern Cyprus: An Ideal Investment for the Future

Buying property in Northern Cyprus is an opportunity not only to move to a sunny and friendly country but also to earn passive income from renting, yielding up to 15% profit.

How to Buy Property in TRNC

To purchase property in TRNC, foreigners must apply to the Ministry of Interior for a purchase permit.

Process of Buying Property in Northern Cyprus

  1. The buyer selects a property object.
  2. The lawyer drafts a contract specifying the terms of sale: price, terms, passport details, etc.
  3. After signing the contract, the buyer pays the duty.
  4. Registering the property purchase contract makes the buyer the property owner.
  5. The buyer must pay VAT amounting to 5% of the cost.

Beware of "Black" Realtors in Northern Cyprus

Unfortunately, in Northern Cyprus, as in other countries, there are "black" realtors. They often offer apartments at attractively low prices, but in the end, you get several problems:

  • No title registration.
  • The land on which the property was built or the housing itself belongs to a resident of Southern Cyprus. The realtor does not tell you about this. Perhaps this nuance will not bring you trouble. But it may happen that the Southerner will come and evict you from private property on legal grounds.
  • Failure to fulfill promises by the realtor. Because they deliberately do not include in the contract what they discussed with you during the deal.

Contact Our Specialists for Safe Property Purchase in Cyprus

It is impossible to check property rights in Cyprus independently. And in order not to get a lawsuit along with housing, contact our specialists. We:

  • Have access to a database where lawyers check all data about the seller and property, and study information on each case with a thorough check of document authenticity.
  • Deal with document translation into one or two languages.
  • Accompany at every stage of property search and acquisition.
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