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Assistance in drawing up and legalising a power of attorney

Power of Attorney and Document Legalization in Northern Cyprus

A power of attorney is a written and legalized permission that gives one person the right to act or represent the interests on behalf of another. A power of attorney may be needed in various cases: buying real estate, receiving documents, driving a car, representation in court, etc.

Document Legalization in TRNC

Document legalization in TRNC is the process of giving a document legal force in Northern Cyprus.

Procedure for Document Legalization in Northern Cyprus

The procedure for document legalization in Northern Cyprus takes place in two stages:

  • Checking the presence of all necessary details on the document.
  • Notarizing the document in the relevant authorities.

Northern Cyprus accepts documents issued in other countries. If you have a power of attorney issued in another country for use in TRNC, you may be required to have consular legalization.

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