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Obtaining a Residence Permit in Northern Cyprus: 5 Main Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Obtaining a residence permit is a laborious process that requires attention to detail. The main condition is the presence of legal grounds for relocation. You can apply yourself if you are confident in your abilities and have thoroughly studied the intricacies of this process.

5 Main Mistakes When Applying for a Residence Permit:

  • Errors in documents. Often encountered when applying under a rental/purchase agreement. A residence permit based on a rental agreement is not possible! You need a "High Income" permit (account in a local bank + long-term lease registered with the tax office). You are not allowed to work on the island.
  • Unforeseen delays. If you come to Northern Cyprus on a tourist visa and want to apply for a residence permit within 30-60 days, remember that you may not be able to do so. Fine for each day of delay! (Even if you have received 60% approval for a residence permit, you still have to deal with fines. You either have to pay for each day you spend here illegally (this is not a small amount). Or - delete everything from your account go to another country, and then start all over again.)
  • Queues at government agencies. Cypriots are in no hurry. Risk of not having time to submit tests/documents. (There were cases when people came for fluorography and did not get into the office because they sat in the queue for too long. And not for one day.)
  • Unclear information. The system does not provide reasons for the delay. Legal assistance is required. (If you already have 50% approval in your account and the process has been on hold for a long time, it means that your medical check is being checked. But you will not be told what exactly. And you wait, not understanding what is happening there.)
  • Incorrect approach to medical tests. Failure to follow recommendations may result in retesting. Waste of time! (Suppose you took tests and the result is not very good. But you just had to follow the recommendations: stick to a diet, do not drink alcohol, etc. In this case, you need to go for a retake. This is all wasted time. Such a situation requires the help of a lawyer to clarify the situation: is it worth expecting a positive result or do you need to correct some inaccuracies?)

How to Get a Residence Permit Without Problems:

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  • Support in medical and government agencies.

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