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Best 3-star hotels in Larnaca

Updated: 2 months ago

A good hotel can be quite affordable.

Or, if you have arrived at Larnaca Airport and want to get to the city and explore, you probably don't need 5-star resorts, but you still want some comfort. Here are the best options for staying in 3-star hotels in Larnaca.

Лучшие отели 3 звезды Ларнака

Rating of 3-star hotels in Larnaca

When compiling the list of hotels, we relied on reviews from travelers on popular booking systems such as,,, and Yandex.Travel.

The list includes hotels with the highest scores—8 and above on Ostrovok's 10-point scale, 9 and above on's 10-point scale, as well as above 4 points on's and Yandex.Travel's 5-point scale.

To check the room rates for your dates and book them in just a few clicks, click on the links below each hotel.

Top 3-star hotels in Larnaca

The Josephine Boutique hotel

Tsialis Hotel Apartments

Mikes Kanarium Hotel

Sun Hall Beach Hotel

Frangiorgio Hotel

Qbic City Hotel

Rise Hotel

Frequently Asked Questions about Larnaca Holidays

What are the best beaches in Larnaca?

Larnaca and its surroundings have numerous excellent beaches, including those that have been awarded the prestigious "Blue Flag" for cleanliness and convenient infrastructure. You can also check out our article on the best beaches in Larnaca.

What are the interesting places to visit in Larnaca?

Although the city itself doesn't have many historical landmarks, Larnaca is important for its airport and beaches. However, if you visit the neighboring Ayia Napa or Protaras, you can find many interesting things to explore, not to mention the tourist opportunities in Limassol.

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