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Best 3-Star Hotels in Paphos

Updated: 2 months ago

A good hotel doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. We have found excellent accommodation options in 3-star hotels in Paphos.

Лучшие отели Пафоса 3 звезды


In compiling the list of hotels, we relied on reviews from travelers on popular booking platforms such as,,, and Yandex.Travel.

The list includes hotels with the highest scores—8 and above on the 10-point Ostrovok and scales, as well as above 4 points on the 5-point scales of and Yandex.Travel.

To check room prices for your dates and book them in a few clicks, click on the links below the hotel.


  1. Paphos Gardens Holiday Resort

  2. Helios Bay Hotel and Suites

  3. Pagona Holiday Apartments

  4. Kefalos Damon Hotel Apartments

  5. Cynthiana Beach Hotel

  6. Veronica Hotel

  7. Nereus Hotel

  8. Crystallo Apartments

  9. Seashell Apartments

  10. Hilltop Gardens

  11. Princessa Vera Hotel

  12. Dionysos Central Hotel

  13. Paphiessa Hotel & Apartments

  14. Pyramos Hotel

  15. Vrachia Beach Hotel & Suites

  16. Kissos Hotel

  17. Anemi Hotel

  18. Mayfair Gardens Hotel

  19. Casa Mespilea

Лучшие отели Пафоса 3 звезды

Frequently Asked Questions about Holidays in Paphos

What are the best beaches in Paphos?

Paphos and its surroundings boast the highest number of beaches awarded the "Blue Flag" compared to other resorts in Cyprus. To make it easier to navigate, here is our text about the best beaches in Paphos.

What entertainment options are available in Paphos?

The city and its surroundings are full of historical attractions, but there are also plenty of entertainment options. For instance, there are two excellent water parks within the resort area. And if you're looking for natural beauty, you can visit the Troodos mountains or Avakas, the deepest gorge in Cyprus.

How to get to Paphos?

If you arrive at Paphos Airport, besides taking a taxi, you can also use public transportation. Bus number 613 operates from the airport to the city center market. The ticket costs 1.5 euros. Additionally, you can rent a car directly at Paphos Airport.

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