Cyprus, Nicosia

How dog-friendly is the atmosphere in Cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

Traditionally, the island has a special fondness for cats because it was these animals that saved Cyprus from snakes many centuries ago. Cats were specially imported from Egypt for this important mission and they have been treated with special love ever since.

As for dogs, the rules are quite strict. It is forbidden to enter most cafes and restaurants with dogs. Especially it concerns expensive establishments. It doesn't matter if you have a bulldog or a tiny dog - you won't be allowed in. Shopping centres and hotels are also off limits.

Dogs are allowed to swim in the sea only on special beaches - there are several of them, if your pet gets into the sea on a regular beach - a fine of 85€.

And, of course, you have to clean up after your animals in the street, which is a big plus and a sign of a civilised society.

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