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Social media of government agencies in Cyprus

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In the modern world, various government structures are adapting to new events and creating pages for themselves on popular platforms.

This is a clear advantage for residents - writing messages from a page on Facebook, direct messages on Instagram, or simply indicating an organization is often more effective than trying to call a multi-channel number with an additional extension.

Социальные сети государственных органов Кипра

Government agencies on social media

Main government resource

Cyprus Police

Cyprus Radio-Television Authority

Cyprus Parliament

National Guard


Tax Department

Cyprus Post

Embassy of Cyprus in Russia

Emergency Assistance

Frequently asked questions

Where to find emergency phone numbers in Cyprus?

Emergency service numbers in Cyprus can be found at these numbers:

  • 112 - general emergency call number
  • 199 - also emergency medical assistance, police, and fire brigade

Also, read our article on the most important phone numbers in Cyprus.

How can I contact state hospitals?

State hospitals can be found in our article about state hospitals in Cyprus - all contact details are listed there.

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