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Craft beer in Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago

Cyprus is known for its quality and tasty wine, strong zivania, but when it comes to beer, it is mainly the Cypriot brand KEO that is most popular. It is a factory-produced beer of good quality, which today is sold even for export.

But if you are a fan of refined varieties, dark beers or ales, then you need to discover places with craft beer. It turns out that there are many small private breweries on the island, which produce unique and very high quality varieties of this drink.

Originally, beer was brewed on the island for the British. After Cyprus gained independence, beer was forgotten. But after some time, thanks to the Germans, British and Russian-speaking tourists holidaying on the island, beer traditions had to be revived. And it turned out very well. All Cypriot craft breweries work for quality and for their customers, so the beer here is really good.

Limassol even has a beer festival in the summer, Paphos has Oktoberfest and Nicosia has Septemberfest.

Where to find craft beer in Cyprus?

  • Barbacoa
  • Ship Inn
  • Biergarten Hofbrau Munchen
  • Carina Sports Bar Rest
  • Beer & Beer
  • Brewfellas Beer Bar
  • Bistrot 55
  • The Wooden Pub
  • Vintage Art Cafe
  • Kafeney
  • The first craft beer shop in Cyprus Beer to go.
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