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Best fitness centers in Limassol

Updated: 3 months ago

Keeping fit in Limassol is quite easy. In the summer, there is a magnificent promenade, numerous walking areas, and parks. In winter, you can visit fitness centers, which we will now tell you about.

Top fitness centers in Limassol

Лучшие фитнес-центры Лимассол

Anaplasis Gym

The gym was founded in Limassol in 1993. Today, it is a 1000 square meter building located in the Enaerios area, near the magnificent beach strip with a view of the Mediterranean Sea. The success of the gym lies not only in its convenient location but also in the constant updating and modernization of fitness equipment. Visitors are offered a free sauna once a week.

Sanctum Spa & Fitness

In addition to the gym, at Sanctum, you can enjoy spa treatments for both men and women. Located right on the promenade in Limassol Marina, the fitness center is conveniently equipped with spacious parking.

Machallekide Fitness and Dance

A fitness center with a rich history - since 1983, Machallekide Gym has been promoting fitness and a healthy lifestyle in Limassol, constantly evolving and expanding its team. There is also an additional dance studio.

Not only a classic gym, but also a swimming and gymnastics center, Vikentia Gym offers the following programs: artistic gymnastics, swimming lessons, gym, fitness, pilates, yoga, aerobics, zumba, tennis lessons, and a summer sports school.

Athlesis Sporting Center

Athlesis Sporting Center is a recently created complex where you can attend various classes and group programs, as well as use the pool for personal training or therapy, or simply for enjoyment.

Gymania Fitness Club

Gymania Fitness Club focuses on a comprehensive approach to transforming the body through exercise programs, rather than medical procedures. For the creators of Gymania Fitness Club, physical exercise is primarily about health.

CrossFit Limassol

CrossFit Limassol, as the name suggests, follows the philosophy and methodology of CrossFit movement. The classes are conducted by eight trainers who have specialized fitness education.

Informa Health and Fitness

Informa Health and Fitness Centre was founded by two fitness experts, Marinos Andreou and Maria Pelekani. The studio is popular among fitness enthusiasts as it plays energetic music and has special lighting effects, setting it apart from regular gyms.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sports in Cyprus

Where can I go cycling in Cyprus?

There are numerous cycling routes on the island, both in cities and in more challenging mountainous areas. We have provided detailed information about them in our article about cycling routes in Cyprus.

Are there any ski resorts in Cyprus?

On the island, you can engage in not only summer sports (although cycling is a year-round activity here), but also winter sports. However, it is important to seize the opportunity at the right time. Read about the skiing season and slopes in the article " Ski resorts in Cyprus".

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