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Health insurance system in Cyprus for foreigners

Updated: 2 months ago

Everyone who wants to get a residence permit or permanent residence in Cyprus must provide a health insurance policy to the Migration Service. To insurance, of course, you can approach formally and buy the most budgetary, its cost from 40 € per month for an adult, for children the amount is twice less. The basic insurance package covers a visit to the doctor, treatment and analyses. The most budget-friendly option is to buy a basic insurance package from Cypriot insurance companies. But you can only go this way if you are sure that in case of serious health problems, you will be able to afford to pay for treatment yourself. For example, a day of hospitalisation on a paid basis - 1000-1500 €, surgery to remove the appendix - 3000 €, removal of gallstones - 3000-5000 €.

These are the most common emergency operations and you will have to pay for them immediately without a full insurance package. It is possible to buy a health insurance policy, which includes hospitalisation, dental, ophthalmological care and surgery. It is better to buy such a package in international insurance companies that operate throughout the EU.

In the best case - it is a premium insurance, which will cost 200 € per adult. Policies can have different amounts of insurance coverage - from a few tens of thousands of euros (which is enough to pay for most operations) to several million euros (to pay for any complex treatment).

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