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Emergency Medical Services

Updated: 2 months ago

Emergency Medical Services in Cyprus can be called using the international number 112 or by phone 22-887171.

State emergency medical services only arrive in the most urgent cases. The principle of the Cypriot emergency medical service is: if the patient can get to the hospital by themselves in a car or taxi, then they should do so. The emergency medical service is not a transport service. Therefore, the team will only come in cases of emergency childbirth, heart attack, or traffic accidents.

For holders of the state insurance GESY, the call for emergency medical services will be free and the range of services will be more extensive. Insurance cases when a team will come to you, in addition to emergencies:

  • transport from one hospital/clinic to another;
  • transport of a newborn with health complications to the pediatric department of the Makarios Hospital in Nicosia;
  • patient delivery to an oncology center, rehabilitation center, hemodialysis center, Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics, palliative care center "Arodafnousa";
  • patient transport from the hospital, nursing home, or place of residence to the airport if they are flying abroad.

There are cases when a patient is registered with GESY, but they have to pay for the call for emergency medical services themselves. In this case, you can expect assistance if you need:

  • transport of a patient from a hospital affiliated with GESY to a private clinic that is not affiliated with GESY;
  • transport of a patient from a nursing home, hospital, or place of residence to a doctor's office, physiotherapist, or other medical service specialist.

Patients not covered by GESY can call for private emergency medical services at a private hospital.


  • patient transport by an "Emergency Medical" vehicle - 75 euros per hour if the distance does not exceed 10 km
  • For each additional kilometer - 2 euros
  • If paramedics' assistance is needed during transport - an additional 67 euros per hour to the transport costs.
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