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Most viewed questions of 2023

Updated: 3 months ago

Here we are in the year 2024. We don't know what the future holds, but we can tell you what interested readers in the past.

Top Questions According to Readers

вопросы 2023 года

In terms of logistics questions, readers were most interested in flights via Armenia, and it's understandable: convenient connections and affordable prices. 

On-site, the main concern is legalization, so most users of the website were looking at materials about Pink Slip and Yellow Slip, as well as the cost of living in Cyprus and in-demand professions for immigrants

Consulate-related questions and property rentals were also high on the list: about appointments with the Russian Consulate and rental prices for apartments in different places in Cyprus.

Among cities, Limassol was the most viewed, of course. This includes searching for the Russian-speaking diaspora, the best beaches in the city, and hotels with heated pools.

Transportation is an essential part of life in Cyprus. Therefore, readers were most interested in taxi apps, checking for unpaid fines, questions about traffic rules in Cyprus, as well as taking the driving exam

Also, it's evident that our readers enjoy entertainment. In this category, the most views were gathered by materials about the Medieval Festival in Ayia Napa, the Limassol Wine Festival, musical fountain shows in Protaras, and of course, about Christmas Fairs in Cyprus.

It's interesting to know what will interest you this year. If you have any questions you would like to have answered, you can ask them in the comments on our Telegram channel!

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