Cyprus, Nicosia

A pink slip

A pink slip is easy to get, even after February 2022. This residence permit provides one with legal status on the island and allows staying on the territory of the Republic of Cyprus for a year. But there is one nuance - you will not be able to work with a pink slip, so you should confirm your income outside of Cyprus and bring bank statements to the Migration Department every six months. Employees check if you do spend your money in Cyprus - they give you a residence permit for this.

You can apply for a pink slip with any initial visa - the thing is to enter Cyprus.

A package of documents for a visitor visa (also called a pink slip):

  • MVIS3 visitor application form;
  • Bank statements confirming income from abroad - are written in the rules. But in fact, you have to open a bank account in Cyprus. Russians can do it now only in two banks: Hellenic Bank and Bank of Cyprus. For many years the necessary amount was €10,000 per person, plus €5,000 for each family member. But there is information that the rules have changed and you need 10,000 € for each adult. You can also apply with a smaller amount, but this is already at your own risk. And one more problem: unfortunately, it is not always possible to transfer money from banks of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the easiest way is to bring cash with you (be sure to declare it at the airport) and deposit it into a Cypriot bank account;
  • A lease agreement for at least one year, certified by the seal of the Tax Office or a document confirming that you are the owner of the property in Cyprus;
  • Bank guarantees, one for each family member. For residents of Eastern Europe, it is 550€ per person;
  • International health insurances, average cost 200€ per person, issued in one day;
  • Documents confirming stable income from abroad - work, pension, passive income. The annual income is 10,000€ per applicant;
  • A copy of the passport;
  • A marriage certificate;
  • Birth certificates of children;
  • Confirmation of school enrollment.

All documents must have English translations with an Apostille and be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus of your country.

Also, one has to pay fees. An initial application or application for renewal costs 135€ per family member. Registration - 135€ for each family member, paid only at the first application.

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