Cyprus, Nicosia


Updated: 1 month ago

Wine on the island is national pride, meaning centuries-old traditions of growing grapes and secret recipes for making a drink. Cyprus is a paradise for wine gourmets and tasters. As the local wines from different grape varieties are numerous, we will note only the best.

In the first place is Commandaria. This wine is a symbol of Cyprus, a leader in exports to other countries, and one of the favorite drinks of Cypriots. Commandaria has been known since the Middle Ages and has received many awards for its high quality. They do not add alcohol to this wine, but it contains a large amount of sugar, is made from varieties of white and red grapes, and is used for the Sacrament. There is even a Commandaria Festival on the island. The aging of this elite wine is 30 years, and its maturation is 16 degrees.

White semi-sweet wine Aphrodite is a very feminine drink, light and refreshing in the heat. There is a legend that every woman who tastes the wine of Aphrodite will receive the blessing of the goddess of love, and her cherished heart desire will come true.

Bellapice is a monastery sparkling wine named after the abbey, where they came up with the recipe for this divine drink. Produced from white grapes, it is invigorating and refreshing in the heat.

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