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Summer festivals in Cyprus

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Festivals in Cyprus are very atmospheric, especially those held in villages.

Летние фестивали в деревнях Кипра

Cyprus Festivals in June

Honey Festival in Omodos

The beekeeping festival in Omodos will help you learn all about Cypriot honey, beekeeping, honey collection, and bee hotels. Local beekeepers offer interactive activities and tours. Participate in workshops on making cosmetics and ointments from beeswax, roll your own candles from beeswax, make crafts on bee themes, try several varieties of honey and other traditional delicacies based on honey. In 2024, the festival will be held on June 30.

Strawberry Festival in Deryneia

The first strawberry plantations in Cyprus were established in Deryneia over 55 years ago. Today, Deryneia still holds leading positions in the cultivation and production of strawberries in Cyprus. The strawberry festival has been organized in the municipality since 1999. Visitors are offered a lot of fresh strawberries and various products made from them, such as strawberry juice, jam, liqueurs, sweets, ice cream, etc.

Cherry Festival in Troodos

Every June, when cherries ripen, unique cherry festivals are held in the villages of Campos, Pedulas, Platanistasa, and Treis Elies in the Troodos Mountains. In addition to culinary demonstrations of delicious dishes using bright sweet fruits, musicians perform at the festivals, and traditional products are sold at local markets.

Lavender Festival

During the peak blooming season of lavender at the CyHerbia Botanical Park in Avgorou, everything related to lavender is presented. From food and drinks to essential oils and crafts, everything here is immersed in purple colors and the sweet scent of lavender.

Pharos Chamber Music Festival

The international classical chamber music festival Pharos takes place in the village of Kouklia, near Paphos, usually featuring world-renowned musicians.

Cyprus Festivals in July

Ancient Greek Drama Festival

The International Greek Drama Festival takes place annually in July and August, attracting theatrical troupes and enthusiasts from around the world. Lovers of dramatic art can see theatrical performances spanning two millennia, outdoors in the archaeological amphitheaters of Paphos and Limassol, as well as on modern stages in Nicosia.

Watermelon Festival

This festival takes place in the village of Frenaros and includes events and treats on a watermelon theme.

Shepherd's Fair

The Shepherd's Fair takes place in the village of Pachna on the first Sunday of July. Everything related to shepherding will be sold and demonstrated.

Potato Festival

The Potato Festival will take place at the end of July in the village of Avgorou - the same place where the Lavender Festival takes place in June.

August Festivals in Cyprus

Peach Festival in Kato Milos

In the village of Kato Milos, a peach festival takes place in the middle of August, where guests can taste locally grown fruits and enjoy music. At the festival, guests can purchase various products, including peaches, loukoumi, and other souvenirs.

Traditional Tastes Festival

In August, Ayia Napa hosts the Traditional Tastes Festival, where guests can sample some dishes of the local cuisine. It features Cypriot wine and traditional local products, as well as music and dance performances.

AfroBanana Festival

The AfroBanana Republic Festival is undoubtedly the biggest alternative music festival in Cyprus. It takes place annually for 5 days in August near the coast of Polis. In addition to great music, the festival offers yoga, meditation, workshops, food, camping, and other activities. The fun takes place at Val’s Place restaurant near Gialia.

Paradise Jazz Festival

Every year since 1999, the Paradise Jazz Festival attracts jazz lovers from all over Cyprus. It initially took place at Paradise Bar in Pomo, hence the name, then moved to Val’s Place restaurant near Gialia, Polis — where the AfroBanana Republic Festival also takes place. Now, for two days at the end of August, local jazz enthusiasts and foreign guests enjoy the rhythms and sounds of Cypriot jazz.

Beer Festivals

At the end of August and the beginning of September, both large and microbreweries offer unique beer and ales to try at annual festivals in Paphos, Limassol, and Nicosia. The biggest beer festival in Cyprus is Septemberfest in Nicosia. Buy tickets online in advance. In 2024, it will be held from August 30 to September 5.

Fish Festival

At the very end of August, the colorful and tasty Fish Festival takes place in the village of Zygi. The village is famous for its fishing traditions, with appropriate installations on its territory. Here, you can definitely try a variety of fish dishes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are festivals public holidays?

No, they are not included in the official list of public holidays in Cyprus, but they are almost always held on a Saturday or Sunday.

Where is the best place to stay during festivals?

In the Troodos Mountains and small villages, there are not always hotels, but often you can find something even in the middle of nowhere on If not, you can inquire about guesthouses on the spot.

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