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Top six products in the Republic of Cyprus

Updated: 3 months ago

Handmade jewelry. Oddly enough, these are mainly silver items. Hereditary craftsmen in the village of Lefkara make them - delicate brooches, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and chains. Each item is a work of authorship in a single copy. Cypriot gold jewelry also looks very original - it can be bracelets or pendants with a horizontal cross along the chain, a pendant with a name or some interesting symbol, or earrings of unusual shape. One can hardly say that the gold in Cyprus is of high quality, but the jewelry looks interesting. As for silver, it is a more traditional story for Cyprus, so it is of excellent quality here, made masterfully and with good taste.

Lace embroidery from the village of Lefkara. It is handmade and a real work of art. The UNESCO World Heritage List includes the goods of Cypriot masters.

Handmade leather goods. Exquisite bags, belts, wallets, and purses. Yes, they are not branded items, but the quality and design are no worse than those of the world-famous brands.

The visiting card of Cypriot winemakers is Commandaria. It is a ten-year-old sweet dessert wine made according to an old secret recipe. Cypriots drank this wine in the Middle Ages.

Olive oil. Perhaps the most exported, environmentally friendly, and healthy product.

Cosmetics. In Cyprus, one can buy natural cosmetics based on olive oil, roses, and donkey milk. Rose water, anti-aging creams, shampoos, and masks are in many local shops. It is better to buy goods in a pharmacy or specialized store.

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