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Where is the cheapest petrol in Cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

Given the cost of gasoline in Cyprus, it makes sense to plan your route in advance through a gas station with the cheapest fuel.

In the Republic of Cyprus, there is a special service available on the government website where you can check the current gasoline prices at all country's gas stations at the moment.

How to find gasoline prices?

If you have a browser with a translation function, there will be no problems. If, for some reason, you cannot translate, you need to select the type of fuel in the first dropdown list and the region in the second one.

проверка стоимости бензина на Кипре

The third list will become active after selecting the type of fuel and region. To select all populated areas, click on the link above their list.

как узнать стоимость бензина на заправках Кипра

After clicking the blue button below the lists, a page with all gas stations in the specified populated areas will be generated. You can view their locations on Google maps via the links, and you will be able to sort the table by fuel cost.

Frequent questions from car enthusiasts

What is the cost of fuel in Cyprus in 2023?

As of the end of August, the following fuel prices are observed in Cyprus:

  • Diesel - from 1.525 to 1.699 euros per liter;
  • Petrol 95 - from 1.494 to 1.629 euros per liter;
  • Petrol 98 - from 1.519 to 1.688 euros per liter.

With such fuel costs, would it be better to use a scooter?

The choice is yours, but if you decide to use this two-wheeled means of transportation, you should familiarize yourself with the local rules for electric scooters and scooters.

How to rent a car in Cyprus?

It's quite simple to do so if you are over 21 years old and have a driving experience of more than a year. More details were discussed here.

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