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How to rent a car in the Republic of Cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

Car rental rules in Cyprus are somewhat different from most EU countries. The specificity is that international rental companies take a large deposit for using a car here - 400-900 € on average will be frozen on your card. But the price of international rentals is much lower than local ones. Therefore, if you are a confident driver, you can take a chance and rent a car, for example, on Rentalcars. Remember that the island has left-hand traffic, and the steering is on the right. Unless you are from Britain or Japan, you will have to get used to the steering wheel on the right - this is very unusual and even uncomfortable. In addition, do not forget that there are mountainous areas in Cyprus, where one has to be cautious while driving.

In local companies, one can rent a car without a deposit, but you need to understand that the price will be much higher. And the quality of an automobile can be so-so. If you decide to use a local rental, we advise you to read the contract attentively and pay attention to insurance events.

If you plan a trip from the Republic of Cyprus to Northern Cyprus, you should rent a car with northern insurance.

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