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Taxi Apps in Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago

In Cyprus, not only Yandex Go but also Uber are not available. However, there are several alternatives that effectively replace the beloved apps. Let's talk about them.

What taxi apps are available in Cyprus

  • Bolt
  • CabCY
  • nTaxi
  • inDrive
  • Taxi One
  • VIPS Taxi

The apps have an intuitive interface and were clearly designed with an eye on pioneers in this area. Payment options include both card and cash.

приложения такси Кипр


The most popular app, also international, perhaps you already have it. Allows you to find not only taxis but also, for example, order food.


Very popular app developed specifically in Cyprus. Operates in major cities - Limassol, Nicosia, and Larnaca.


Noteworthy in that you can even see the driver's rating, name, and car number before ordering.


A large aggregator operating in more than 600 cities and nearly 50 countries.

Taxi One

A local app for finding taxis, with options for finding cars for smokers or for transporting animals. Unfortunately, it does not have an app for Android.


You can order several taxis or choose a driver with knowledge of a foreign language.

Uses maps and navigation specifically for Cyprus, but unfortunately does not have an app for Android.

Frequently Asked Questions about Taxis in Cyprus

Can I pay for the trip by card?

Yes, if you have a card from a non-Russian bank. In many cases, you can also link a virtual card from one of the neo-banks.

How much does a taxi ride around the city cost?

It depends on the distance, but it is quite possible to stay within 10 euros within a city.

We listed not taxi services, but specifically apps. They mainly operate in cities. If you need intercity trips, it makes sense to check a forum about Cyprus and book a transfer with a Russian-speaking driver.

You can also rent a car in Cyprus and explore the island on your own. Our material on Cyprus traffic rules will help you.

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