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What is an Alien Registration Card or ARC?

Alien Card is also called an Alien Registration Certificate, and it is jokingly referred to as the "alien card."

Essentially, this is a residency visa issued to individuals who are not citizens of Cyprus for long-term stays in the Republic of Cyprus for purposes of work, study, or family reunification.

Alien Card Кипр

Who Can Obtain an Alien Card

The Alien Registration Certificate is also known as the Yellow Slip and can only be obtained by citizens of EU countries. However, family members not from EU countries can also obtain an Alien Card. Therefore, to obtain an Alien Registration Certificate, one must either marry a citizen of an EU country or be their relative.

Required Documents

To obtain an Alien Card as a non-EU citizen, the following documents are required:

  • Completed form MEU2
  • Copy of passport
  • Marriage certificate, translated and apostilled
  • Children's birth certificates, if applicable, also translated and apostilled
  • Lease agreement for a minimum of one year, certified by the tax office
  • Bank statements from an account in Cyprus or abroad
  • If working for a foreign company, a confirmation letter from the employer and salary payment form
  • If working for a Cypriot company, confirmation letter from the employer, employer's application, social insurance registration, and income statement for the year
  • Health insurance
  • Two passport-size photos

Where to Submit the Application

The list of documents and completed form (MEU2 for non-EU citizens and MEU1 for EU citizens) must be submitted to the immigration department in the place of residence. Below are their addresses, contacts, and working hours.

Region of Nicosia

  • Address: 6 Agamemnonos, Egkomi, 2411, Nicosia
  • Phone: 22-802332 / 22-802353 / 22-802341
  • Working Hours: 07:30 — 14:30

Region of Limassol

  • Address: 223 Franglinou Rousvelt, Zakaki «D. Nikolaou» building, 2nd floor, 3046 Limassol
  • Phone: 25-805210 / 25-805212 / 25-805650
  • Working Hours: 07:30 — 14:30

Region of Larnaca

  • Address: 34 Tasou Mitsopoulou, 6027 Larnaca
  • Phone: 24-804233 / 24-804223 / 24-804231
  • Working Hours: 07:30 — 14:30

Region of Paphos

  • Address: 22 El. Venizelou & Kanigos corner 2nd floor 8021 Paphos
  • Phone: 26-806222 / 26-806214 / 26-806211 / 26-806215
  • Working Hours: 07:30 — 14:30

Region of Famagusta

  • Address: 31 G. Papadopoulou, 5282, Paralimni
  • Phone: 23-803286 / 23-803290 / 23-803287 / 23-803285
  • Working Hours: 07:30 — 14:30

Frequently Asked Questions about Alien Card

What is the validity period of the Alien Card?

For EU citizens, the Alien Card is indefinite. However, if you have obtained the document as a family member of an EU citizen, the validity period of the document is 5 years.

How long does it take to process the Alien Card?

The document is sent by mail to the address provided by the applicant. The processing time ranges from 3 to 5 months. For EU citizens, the document is issued within five days.

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