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How to spend your time productively while on a long transfer in Antalya?

Updated: 18 hours ago

Many flights to Ercan have a transfer in Antalya, and sometimes you must wait 15-20 hours for the next plane. If your transfer occurs during the daytime, you can spend your free hours productively.

In the case of a connecting flight, get rid of your belongings first. Terminal 1 has luggage storage – at the very end of the hall.

In Antalya, you can go for a walk around the old town of Kaleiçi (Kalechi), do shopping, for example, at the Mark Antalya shopping center, walk along Konyaaltı beach (Konyaalti) or visit Antalya Müzesi (Antalya Archaeological Museum). It takes about 20-30 minutes to get to all these places, and a taxi from the airport costs 200-300 lira. You can use the taxi rank next to the terminal or download the Turkish app BiTaksi – local Uber.

The old town is beautiful, with many cozy cafes and authentic restaurants. Konyaalti Beach is one of the most comfortable and famous in Antalya. You can walk on it for many hours in a row. The sea, cafes, restaurants, beautiful views, and even the Antalya Museum with a vast collection of ancient sculptures – are within walking distance. By the way, the museum in Antalya is so big and exciting that you can watch the exhibits for 7-10 hours if you don't get tired.

You should find the call button to call a taxi anywhere in Antalya. They are usually on lampposts every 100 meters.

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