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Taxation in Northern Cyprus for Remote Workers

Updated: 6 months ago
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The article is for those who live in Northern Cyprus but work remotely in their country, having IE and paying taxes according to the laws of their country.

Often arise the questions: how to legalize in the TRNC when moving in, does one need to pay taxes on the island for remote activities, and does outsourcing give one the right to obtain a residence permit?

There are a lot of nuances here.

Firstly, you can freely continue your remote activity on the island and pay taxes only in your own country.

Secondly - an important point - in Northern Cyprus, they give a residence permit only upon confirmation of income or at least $10,000 in a bank account. But it is impossible to work officially in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with a residence permit. Income must be strictly from the outside, as the country is interested in capital inflows. Therefore, with a residence permit, it is better to open a bank account, by recommendations in the Turkish Ziraat, and calmly receive the income from remote work without any taxes.

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