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What does a lawyer do in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 2 weeks ago

A lawyer in Northern Cyprus is a legal professional who has obtained a bachelor's, master's, or higher degree in law from a university and holds a license issued by the Supreme Court of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, as well as registration with the Bar Association.

In Northern Cyprus, the legal system is based on the British model, which is quite different from what the Russian-speaking audience is accustomed to. A lawyer here is someone who handles all legal issues, prepares legal documents, and represents your interests in court. Additionally, a lawyer in Northern Cyprus deals with matters that, in our countries, would typically be handled by a notary. For example, they properly draft promissory notes or wills, while a notary simply notarizes the signature.

There are many peculiarities in the work of a lawyer in Northern Cyprus. If you want to receive qualified assistance, it is crucial to approach a lawyer who has studied in Northern Cyprus (or in the UK) and has legal practice here. Otherwise, you risk having improperly prepared documents, and if your case goes to court, the decision may not be in your favor.

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