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Where to Buy Bedding and Home Goods in Northern Cyprus

Updated: 3 weeks ago

Northern Cyprus, like Turkey, is known for its high-quality textile products. Here, you can find beautiful and practical bedding, blankets, throws, and pillows at a reasonable price.

If you want to save money, you can visit "Ordu pazarı," "China bazaar," "Waikiki," or "Mister pound plus." However, it is important to understand that the home and bedding products in these stores are of low quality, so the bedding may tear and change color after washing. The fabric composition usually contains a significant amount of synthetic materials.

The locals already know that "Renoir home" offers everything you need for your home, including kitchenware and household appliances, with double discounts. For example, you can buy two pillows for 199 TL, while in other stores, one pillow costs 179 TL. Therefore, if you have just arrived in Cyprus and rented an empty apartment, "Renoir home" is the most convenient place to visit.

"Özlüksel" is a store that offers high-quality Turkish home goods.

"Madame Coco," "Electrokur," and "Index" are also more expensive stores that prioritize quality, but you can find discounts here that happen at least once a quarter.

We also recommend the stores "Özdılek" and "Efe."

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